Terms & Conditions

I hereby authorize Total Financial Solutions International, Inc. also known as Loan PayOff Advisor.Com, and Assign to charge my Credit Card, as shown above, or if I so choose to use another form of payment, that I agree with, which could be a personal, business or credit card check or pay pal, whatever the case maybe, for the product and services I have purchased from them in connection with the Mortgage Acceleration Program System or MAPS, that will help me save on mortgage interest and help me achieve an accelerated mortgage payoff. I hereby acknowledged that I will pay the amount as we have agreed upon as my activation fee and the monthly service fee that corresponds to the program package that I have purchased. If I decide to pay by money order, bank draft or by personal check, I will make said check payable to Total Financial Solutions International, Inc and Assign. I further agree that I have to pay the monthly service fee using the payment mode I have selected and that Total financial Solutions International, Inc. shall have the right to turn off or cancel my access to the website assigned to me, when I do not pay the monthly service fee that we have agreed upon. I also understand that the MAPS system will work best for me when my financial situation is showing a positive cash flow, that is, my income is greater than my mortgage payments and all of my monthly debt payments, including the Tax and Insurance Escrows. I also understand that this is a One-Year money back guarantee program, meaning that the Company will refund the purchase price only, excluding the monthly service fee, if the system does not help me save on the mortgage interest and does not help me achieve the accelerated mortgage payoff, provided however, that I have followed their program and system. I also agree to give the company detailed information on my mortgage, income and expenses and other information necessary to set-up my MAPS account.